Master Seth A.K.A Calisize15 (📥) is an American skater & new upcoming FootMaster, he got 2nd place in the FootKings poll, and got a foot Master award for the best newcomer and biggest feet 


Seth is a tall, slim-masculine, Caucasian / Native American male, he has golden-brown hair, brown eyes, and a pale-tan skin complexion, he changes clothes often but wears the same Black Van shoes and socks that he wears for his often foot slaves 


Name: Seth R. 

Birthplace: Southern California 

Birthday: July 6th, 1992

Age: 24 Yrs 

Gender: Male

Race: Caucasian / Native American 

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual (slightly prefers women over men) 

Weight: 189

Height: 6ft 8in

Shoe Size: 15

👣Personal Life 👣

Master Seth Announces To Instagram That He Has FootSlaves Worship Him Daily-Weekly, and He Has Also Stated That He Skates Everyday

👣😀Career Start👣 "I didn't realize there was a whole community dedicated to worshipping male feet until one day I came home and found my roommate had been stealing my dirty socks. I went to confront him on it and I walked into him hard while sniffing my sweaty socks. Instead of screaming at him instead I shoved my feet into his face and he starting sniffing and licking them. I decided that I would allow him to do that because it made me feel powerful. He starting offering cash and gifts to me in order to earn the right to worship my feet and urged me to become an online/in person foot master "

👣Personality 👣

Seth Is A Down To Earth Guy, And Is Shown To Be A Very Dominant FootMaster, He Also Seems To Be Vicious In A Quiet And Humble Way


  • He Is The 5th Youngest FootMaster
  • He Is The 2nd Best FootMaster
  • He Is The Best NewComing FootMaster
  • He Is The 3rd Highest Followed FootMaster With Over 2.5K Followers

👣Social Media👣

Skype: calisize15footmaster

KIK: calisize15footmaster

instagram: @calisize15footmaster



Seth is always looking for new foot slaves, think you can handle his long meaty toes and soft big soles, hit him up, I would do it but, I'm not of age, and believe me I'd be all over those feet, he'd never want me to leave

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